The thin line between challenge and fun
Posted by Archaron at 13h27 on Notícias Antigas

Greetings, Chasers!

Some of you may not remember it any more, some of you not even are from that era, but in the early days of Grand Chase it was seen as a challenging and entertaining game, and in fact it was both. Instances (you may call them dungeons) were extremely difficult, but the number of trips needed to evolve in level was considerably less; In contrast, the instances had a longer duration. You may tell me, "okay, so it's not much different than it's today." I disagree with this and I'll explain the reason: it is not fun to do the same instance again and again when there is no challenge.

There's a sudden change in the structure of the game from the implementation of the AP characters: the instances were nerfed and (to compensate for the new level of difficulty) Kog thought it would be appropriate to have them repeated over and over again. This worked for a long time 'til we reached high levels (consider 70+ here). The progression curve was absurdly steep, making the evolution painful and not funny at all (the 100x buff from level 78 was just an example of how wrong our level table is).

Thinking about it, we decided to take a bold step: to reformulate the experience table. We've been working for a long time on equations that can permanently replace the current ones, making the game less tiring. On 09th (Monday) we'll perform a maintenance and the game will be unavailable indefinitely, because we'll need to test the new experience table and adapt the current accounts to this new reality and it takes time.

To ensure that there is no doubt, our intention is not to make Grand Chase an easy game, but to make it a fairer and fun game for everyone. In the future we plan to readjust the difficulty level of all instances individually, to avoid the problem that happened to Xenia and Archimedia.



The sum of experience required for the player to evolve from level 1 to level 70 is equal to: 32,402,572 (thirty-two million, four hundred and two thousand, five hundred and seventy-two), while the sum of experience required to evolve from level 70 To 85 is equal to: 2,043,187,168 (two billion, forty-three million, one hundred and eighty-seven thousand, one hundred and sixty-eight). See the problem here?


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